Definition of "ulcer" [ul•cer]

  • (noun) A lesion of the skin or a mucous membrane such as the one lining the stomach or duodenum that is accompanied by formation of pus and necrosis of surrounding tissue, usually resulting from inflammation or ischemia.
  • (noun) A corrupting condition or influence.

Use "ulcer" in a sentence

  • "It may begin as a hard nodule, or as a papillary growth which breaks down on the surface, leaving a deep ulcer with a characteristically indurated base -- the _crateriform ulcer_."
  • "But as with all his other symptoms, the ulcer was abnormal, as demonstrated by the glossy white molars sprouting in a clump from its center."
  • "At first, he thought his ulcer might be acting up, or maybe he had developed a bad case of heartburn."

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