Definition of "ugsome" [ug•some]

  • Disgusting; loathsome. (adjective)

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Use "ugsome" in a sentence
  • "Castle of the Quest, and that her old mistress came to her from out of the Sending Boat to fetch her away, and brought her aboard, and stripped her of her rich garments and sat facing her, drawing ugsome grimaces at her; and she thought she knew that her friends were all dead and gone, and she had none to pity or defend her."
  • "And aye they gaed, and on they rade, till they came to a dark and ugsome glen, where they stopped, and the lady lighted down."
  • "When I came to her, I saw nought dreadful or ugsome about her: she was cheerful of countenance and courteous of demeanour, and greeted me kindly as one neighbour in the street of Wulstead might do to another."