Definition of "ugly" [ug•ly]

  • (adjective) Displeasing to the eye; unsightly.
  • (adjective) Repulsive or offensive; objectionable: an ugly remark.
  • (adjective) Chiefly Southern U.S. Rude: Don't be ugly with me.
  • (adjective) New England Unmanageable. Used of animals, especially cows or horses.
  • (adjective) Morally reprehensible; bad.

Use "ugly" in a sentence

  • ""But I _wasn't_ in fun, you ugly, naughty, _ugly_ boy," retorted Hoodie, by this time most evidently losing her temper."
  • "III.v. 62 (305, 9) [Foal is most foul, being foul to be a scoffer] [W: being found] The sense of the received reading is not fairly represented; it is, _The ugly seem most ugly, when, _ though _ugly, they are scoffers."
  • "Must say the present head of Telstra would go under the title ugly american type but American's don't have a lock on arrogance."

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