Definition of "ug" []

  • (noun) Fear; horror.
  • (noun) A surfeit.
  • (verb) To feel dread, loathing or disgust.
  • (verb) To fear, feel horror; shudder with horror.
  • (noun) Alternative spelling of µg.

Use "ug" in a sentence

  • "Eugene, Sharp, Keith, Mehiam, Malcolm ug c ako ang camera man...lols. bday ni butod bangka, tagay, sugba2, bugal2 ug uban pa... question and answer before sa board exam ni sharp chu!"
  • "I was disturbed you put "white teeth" but then I was a bookshop owner in the UK when it came out so my reaction is a bit more "ug" - it is a bit like my reaction to Tratt's Secret History - very compelling/very transparent."
  • "Road widening project to Iloilo Airport benefits transport, commuters Cebuano News: Emergency program sa gobyerno mihatag ug bag-ong trabaho Region I gives out P34. 423-M in cash subsidy to senior citizens"