Definition of "u" [u]

  • (noun) The 21st letter of the modern English alphabet.
  • (noun) Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter u.
  • (noun) The 21st in a series.
  • (noun) Something shaped like the letter U.
  • (noun) A grade that indicates an unsatisfactory status.
  • (noun) the 21st letter and fifth vowel of the modern English alphabet
  • (noun) any of several speech sounds represented by this letter, in English as in mute, cut, hurt, sure, pull, or minus
  • (noun) something shaped like a U
  • (noun) (in combination)

Use "u" in a sentence

  • "Ai has update ur profile..u r now a Man seeking a Penguin and ur interestz r nude karaoke and glueing urself to stuff look, u alreddy haz responses!"
  • "Um, Judson…..u mite wanna be careflol abowt teh contrakshuns u postify heer…."
  • "February 11, 2009 at 2:46 pm not bad, not bad…not digging the green face, but its only concept art…give me the fuckin dinobts bay…all these other robots are ok, but all i want is grimlock eating at least one robot on the big screen….u say everything u do is awesome, but whats more awesome than a robot t-rex….a robot t-rex that can transform into a sword wielding manbot thats what"

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