Definition of "tru" [tru]

  • See true. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "tru" in a sentence
  • "What you said bout cally is true, you no fit keep up with her gist..tru tru, when you type two she don type know I love you cally *wink* *wink*"
  • ""Aunt Lucy say ma'am am an angel, sar, and it am tru -- _it am tru_, sar," replied the negro with considerable feeling."
  • "It is frustration that stevie-b! tch keeps coming back with the same tired talking points, despite being schooled so much he dresses in a short plaid skirt and knee socks. ou have hooked your cart to the wrong horse, "tru," but you can still be forgiven. truconservative you didn't school anybody. how can you not see that?"