Definition of "snaffle" []

  • (noun) A bit for a horse, consisting of two bars joined at the center, as by a joint.
  • (verb-transitive) To put on or control with a snaffle.

Use "snaffle" in a sentence

  • "The top rein ring is located next to the mouthpiece, as in a snaffle, and the rein that attaches to it is thus called the snaffle rein."
  • "He muttered something that a snaffle was the safest bit a sinner could place faith in -- assumed the mantle of prophecy -- foretold, as it would appear, troublous times to be in rapid advent -- and inculcated that faith should be placed in heaven, and powder kept very dry."
  • "If the snaffle is to be the predominant bit, its reins should be on the outside, and the curb-reins slack."

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