Definition of "sabot" [‖Sa•bot]

  • (noun) A wooden shoe worn in some European countries.
  • (noun) A sandal or shoe having a band of leather or other material across the instep.
  • (noun) A lightweight carrier in which a projectile of a smaller caliber is centered so as to permit firing the projectile within a larger-caliber weapon. The carrier fills the bore of the weapon from which the projectile is fired; it is normally discarded a short distance from the muzzle.
  • (noun) a shoe made from a single block of wood
  • (noun) a shoe with a wooden sole and a leather or cloth upper
  • (noun) a lightweight sleeve in which a subcalibre round is enclosed in order to make it fit the rifling of a firearm. After firing the sabot drops away
  • (noun) a small sailing boat with a shortened bow

Use "sabot" in a sentence

  • "The green sabot is thicker and makes up the .06 left over by using the small diameter bullet."
  • "Hornady .429 Diameter 265 grain soft point with a T/C Magnum sabot is flat out awesome!"
  • "From the word sabot, comes the verb saboter: "to bungle," literally, "to walk noisily": with it, the reminder to no longer stomp, but to tiptoe past the Gallic culture that still whispers out from every French nook and cranny, to travel forward--light on my feet--so as not to "sabotage" this French experience."

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