Definition of "sable" [sa•ble]

  • (noun) A carnivorous mammal (Martes zibellina) of northern Europe and Asia, having soft dark fur.
  • (noun) The pelt or fur of this animal.
  • (noun) The similar fur of other species of martens.
  • (noun) The color black, especially in heraldry.
  • (noun) Black garments worn in mourning.
  • (noun) a marten, Martes zibellina, of N Asian forests, with dark brown luxuriant fur
  • (noun) the highly valued fur of this animal
  • (noun) (as modifier)
  • (noun) the colour of sable fur: a dark brown to yellowish-brown colour
  • (adjective) of the colour of sable fur
  • (adjective) black; dark; gloomy
  • (adjective) of the colour black

Use "sable" in a sentence

  • "At the school for retarded children, we see one: she has bedecked herself with assorted dolls as elegantly as a young society matron in sable furs."
  • "On the sixth day there will come forth to thee a black Shaykh, clad all in sable, with a long white beard, flowing down to his navel."
  • "He was thinking of a certain Russian sable coat that lay in his trunk at the cabin, and guarded from prying eyes by only a flimsy trunk lock."

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