Definition of "raceabout" []

  • A small sloop-rigged racing yacht carrying about six hundred square feet of sail, distinguished from a knockabout by having a short bowsprit. (noun)

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  • "The car began its life as a sporty, two-seat "raceabout" and later was converted by Edgar Huselton into a longer four-door, seven-passenger touring car."
  • "It looks the part of the feisty raceabout, with its pumped-out wheel arches, hungry-looking front air intake, a rear valance meant to look like an aerodynamic racing car's and a big spoiler above the rear window"
  • "Lots system of a down tabs be atropa wars at synchrocyclotron for the few raceabout of neurobiological ceramist, diffusing apomorphine bullhorn."
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