Definition of "rabbi" [rab•bi]

  • (noun) A person trained in Jewish law, ritual, and tradition and ordained for leadership of a Jewish congregation, especially one serving as chief religious official of a synagogue.
  • (noun) A scholar qualified to interpret Jewish law.
  • (noun) (in Orthodox Judaism) a man qualified in accordance with traditional religious law to expound, teach, and rule in accordance with this law
  • (noun) the religious leader of a congregation; the minister of a synagogue

Use "rabbi" in a sentence

  • "It is sort of a generic term, sort of like the term rabbi means teacher."
  • "At the prayer conference, warm applause greeted Hurwitz's announcement that she might be getting the title rabbi "but with a slightly distinct sound.""
  • "In the first story, while the rabbi is away on his own journey, his cat takes a trip with Malka of the Lions, who some believe to be the pious Jew, others a disliked womanizer."

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