Definition of "q's" [q's]

  • (noun) Plural form of q.
  • (noun) the 17th letter and 13th consonant of the modern English alphabet
  • (noun) a speech sound represented by this letter, in English usually a voiceless velar stop, as in unique and quick

Use "q's" in a sentence

  • "Specifically, you can use it to make lower case letters plural, as in "You better mind your p's and q's, Steve.""
  • "Below you'll find some of our favorite q's and a's."
  • "I assume that there were many, many votes for space q's, and that the process was 'fair' (1 vote per IP address), but I don't see any comment by Politico attesting to this, so how do I know that the candidates haven't blown off the stories in Wired and elswhere that there was such a surge in interest?"

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