Definition of "pacemaker" [pacemaker]

  • (noun) Sports One who sets the pace in a race. Also called pacer, pacesetter.
  • (noun) A leader in a field: the fashion house that is the pacemaker. Also called pacesetter.
  • (noun) A part of the body, such as the mass of muscle fibers of the sinoatrial node, that sets the pace or rhythm of physiological activity.
  • (noun) Any of several usually miniaturized and surgically implanted electronic devices used to stimulate or regulate contractions of the heart muscle.
  • (noun) Biochemistry A substance that regulates a series of related reactions.
  • (noun) a person, horse, vehicle, etc, used in a race or speed trial to set the pace
  • (noun) a person, an organization, etc, regarded as being the leader in a particular field of activity
  • (noun) a small area of specialized tissue within the wall of the right atrium of the heart whose spontaneous electrical activity initiates and controls the beat of the heart
  • (noun) an electronic device for use in certain cases of heart disease to assume the functions of the natural cardiac pacemaker

Use "pacemaker" in a sentence

  • "I think the vice president used the term pacemaker plus."
  • "I wonder how the average handicapped person with false limbs or a pacemaker is going to like on that scanner …"
  • "We all know that heart monitor or pacemaker is just an illusion and has no basis on quantum mechanics."

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