Definition of "oatmeal" [oat•meal]

  • (noun) Meal made from oats; rolled or ground oats.
  • (noun) A porridge made from rolled or ground oats.

Use "oatmeal" in a sentence

  • "The term oatmeal usually refers to rolled oats, made with the whole oat groat (the hulled grain) or with what's called steel-cut oats (the inner portion of the oat, cut into pieces)."
  • "Another note, this one handed to him by Lama Katie after the morning cleanup in the temple and the incantatory scraping of the baked-on oatmeal from the depths of the communal cook pot."
  • "Our breakfast this morning was, once again, 83 cents worth of bulk-bin oatmeal with milk (lucky that we all like oatmeal, and have been in a daily rut of eating it for months) and 19 cent bananas."

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