Definition of "oater" [oater]

  • (noun) Slang A movie about frontier or cowboy life; a western.

Use "oater" in a sentence

  • "Variously dubbed the "oater," the "shoot-em-up," or a "blood and thunder" novel, the western emerged during Grey's lifetime as a major literary genre and remains one of the singular American contributions to literature and the cinema."
  • "Now, they're barely a separate category in Netflix and, if you order an old-fashioned "oater" from Netflix, it usually triggers some rueful "sorry, but this will take more time" email as Netflix desperately taps inventories scattered across the country."
  • "I can happily watch Grahame in anything, so I decided to sit there and watch this oater while going through my morning routine (in the end, I ended up watching roughly three quarters)."

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