Definition of "n-word" [n-word]

  • (noun) The words nigger and nigga.
  • (noun) Any word beginning with n that is not normally taboo but is considered (often humorously) to be so in the given context.
  • (noun) Negation words, such as not, nobody, and nothing.
  • (noun) Danish nouns of the common gender (their indefinite article being en), as opposed to t-words, nouns of the neuter gender (their indefinite article being et).

Use "n-word" in a sentence

  • "Dear Mexican: These days, using the word "nigger" is considered so offensive that, in its place, we now use the term "n-word.""
  • "Sure, we all have our own race narrative about the first time we were called the "n-word" or treated poorly in a store or other public place."
  • "Charles, 27, interviewed in Emerging Adulthood, recalls being called the n-word while at sports camp as a kid, and as a teenager, he got pulled over for “Driving While Black.”"

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