Definition of "n-type" [n-type]

  • (adjective) (Of a semiconductor) in which conduction is due to the movement of electrons rather than positive holes.
  • (adjective) (of a semiconductor) having more conduction electrons than mobile holes
  • (adjective) associated with or resulting from the movement of electrons in a semiconductor

Use "n-type" in a sentence

  • "The junctions in a transistor are between bits of silicon doped to conduct electrons known as n-type material, because electrons are negatively charged, and p-type areas doped to conduct positively charged holes in the crystal lattice, which are places where electrons should be, but aren't."
  • "An electrical wire located on the far end of the n-type layer gathers the suffocating electrons and shepherds them back across."
  • "The silicon-phosphorous layer is known as the negative, or n-type layer, because it has lots of spare electrons."

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