Definition of "n's" [n's]

  • (noun) Plural form of n.
  • (conjunction) along with; in addition to
  • (conjunction) as a consequence
  • (conjunction) afterwards
  • (conjunction) (intensifier)
  • (conjunction) plus
  • (conjunction) used to join identical words or phrases to give emphasis or indicate repetition or continuity
  • (conjunction) used to join two identical words or phrases to express a contrast between instances of what is named
  • (conjunction) used in place of to in infinitives after verbs such as try, go, and come
  • (noun) an additional matter or problem

Use "n's" in a sentence

  • "Juan Inciarte, executive vice president of strategy, is viewed as one of Mr. Bot í n's most trusted advisers, accompanying him on most of his travels and being intimately involved in any deal."
  • "But some people close to Santander's top management said he isn't a favorite of Mr. Bot í n's, after having wrangled with top executives, one person said, over the degree of control he had in the Latin American business."
  • "I was wrong, there is one entry that is only significant at the .05 level, I guess with n's of 100,000 or so, statistical significance is pretty easy."

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