Definition of "menhaden" [men•ha•den]

  • (noun) Any of several species of fish of the genus Brevoortia, especially B. tyrannus of American Atlantic and Gulf waters, used as a source of fish oil, fertilizer, and bait. Also called mossbunker, pogy.

Use "menhaden" in a sentence

  • "The panel noted, however, that shrimp, crab and an economically important fish called menhaden were "at high risk of being directly affected by dispersant use.""
  • "The Houston company's main products, omega-3 fish oil used as a dietary supplement and fish meal used in pig feed, are derived from a very oily fish called menhaden, more commonly known as "bunker.""
  • "Catch restrictions loom on menhaden, which is too unsavory to grace a dinner plate but much sought by commercial fishermen."

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