Definition of "malpractice" [mal•prac•tice]

  • (noun) Improper or negligent treatment of a patient, as by a physician, resulting in injury, damage, or loss.
  • (noun) Improper or unethical conduct by the holder of a professional or official position.
  • (noun) The act or an instance of improper practice.

Use "malpractice" in a sentence

  • "At the PP meeting held this afternoon, the UML decried what it called the malpractice of trying to send the nation back to the old constitution and also the talks on drafting the constitution from the streets."
  • "Defensive medicine is just one of the supposed systemic ills that doctors, doctors 'lobbies and doctors' insurers invoke when they shill for what they call malpractice reform."
  • "Lastly, I’m not sure what changes you are imagining by the term malpractice reform."

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