Definition of "macaroni" [mac•a•ro•ni]

  • (noun) Pasta in any of various hollow shapes, especially short curved tubes.
  • (noun) A well-traveled young Englishman of the 18th and 19th centuries who affected foreign customs and manners.
  • (noun) A fop.
  • (noun) pasta tubes made from wheat flour
  • (noun) (in 18th-century Britain) a dandy who affected foreign manners and style

Use "macaroni" in a sentence

  • "The Italian term macaroni first appeared in the 13th century and was applied to various shapes, from flat to lumpy."
  • "This creamy four-cheese macaroni is comfort food to some dieters."
  • "What it does mean is building in features that make a home safe and accessible for someone in a wheelchair, someone who has arthritis or trouble with steps, or even someone who is short and shouldn't be balancing on a stool to retrieve hot macaroni from a microwave (a grandchild, for example)."

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