Definition of "labiate" [la•bi•ate]

  • (adjective) Having lips or liplike parts.
  • (adjective) Botany Having or characterizing flowers with the corolla divided into two liplike parts, as in the snapdragon.
  • (adjective) Botany Of or belonging to the mint family Labiatae.
  • (noun) A plant belonging to the Labiatae.

Use "labiate" in a sentence

  • "Whereas the flowers of the labiate family are treated by the distillers as favorites are by the gods, and are cut off in their youth, those of the Umbellifer√¶ are allowed to mature and develop into the oil-yielding fruits."
  • "The honey gathered from the genus erica (termed _heather honey_) and most labiate plants, is wholesome."
  • "Each of the teeth of the calyx is represented by a long stalk, terminated by a single articulated leaflet, the bi-labiate form of the calyx is still recognisable; the two upper petals are united, the three lower separate; the tube of the calyx is not deformed and seems to be formed of the petioles of the sepals united by their stipules."

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