Definition of "labelled" [labelled]

  • (adjective) Having a label, tagged.
  • (adjective) Defined or described.
  • (verb) Simple past tense and past participle of label.

Use "labelled" in a sentence

  • "There is also a "guide to the falls," who wears his title labelled on his hat; otherwise, indeed, one might as soon think of asking for a gentleman usher to point out the moon."
  • "Originally, materials do not come in labelled packages: you can make almost anything you are interested in."
  • "So into the dustbin labelled "idle thinking" went that policy too, to the despair of the dozens of very expert and dedicated people who worked countless hours to produce it – people who saw hope in a rejuvenated Conservative Party and who will never, ever vote Tory as long as Cameron is even a smear on the face of this planet."

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