Definition of "labarum" [‖Lab•a•rum]

  • (noun) An ecclesiastical banner, especially one carried in processions.
  • (noun) The banner adopted by Constantine I after his conversion to Christianity.

Use "labarum" in a sentence

  • "The term labarum, which is of uncertain derivation, was probably familiar in the Roman army from the reign of Hadrian."
  • "Maxentius, saw in the clouds, as well as his whole army, the grand imperial standard called the labarum, surmounted with a"
  • "The solemn epithets of, safety of the republic, glory of the army, restoration of public happiness, are equally applied to the religious and military trophies; and there is still extant a medal of the emperor Constantius, where the standard of the labarum is accompanied with these memorable words, By This Sign"