Definition of "laager" [laa•ger]

  • (noun) A defensive encampment encircled by armored vehicles or wagons.
  • (verb-intransitive) To camp in a defensive encirclement.
  • (noun) (in Africa) a camp, esp one defended by a circular formation of wagons
  • (noun) a place where armoured vehicles are parked
  • (verb) to form (wagons) into a laager
  • (verb) to park (armoured vehicles) in a laager

Use "laager" in a sentence

  • "The laager was a twelve-foot-high barbed wire enclosure, eighty feet wide by three hundred long, with the hut occupying the greater part of the central space."
  • "Encircling his laager was another chain of "randten" entirely occupied and fortified, and we soon realised what a large and entrenched stretch of ground it was."
  • "About a hundred and fifty yards to the left of the laager was a little dell where I had hidden my horse, together with one belonging to the Boers, and my saddle and bridle."

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