Definition of "kagan" [kagan]

  • Alternative spelling of khagan. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "kagan" in a sentence
  • "i hope they make dawn johsen solicitor general after kagan is appointed to scotus."
  • "MD says: tangential to what the commenters seem to be interested in, but harvard law tends to be happy with professors who go back and forth between washington and cambridge (e.g. charles fried, stephen breyer) and elena kagan seemed to keep that tradition in her hiring (e.g. jack goldsmith, jody freeman). it seems the lesson is not only about people being better at one job than another, but better in one place than another."
  • "Last I checked there are many lawyers and judicial scholars who satisfy those criteria far better than many who have served on the Court. at least have the sac to say you oppose kagan simply b/c she's an obama apointee. i am sure, had she been a federal judge, you'd find some other reason to condemn the choice. it's idiotic arguments like this – from both sides – that render meaningful discourse an impossibility."