Definition of "kaffiyeh" [kaffiyeh]

  • (noun) A cloth headdress fastened by a band around the crown and usually worn by Arab men.

Use "kaffiyeh" in a sentence

  • "The logic, born in college dining halls and now embraced by people well into adulthood, that holds that donning a colored plastic bracelet or a kaffiyeh is an act of personal and political self-definition can and does attach the same significance to snowboarding and to selecting one’s iPod playlist."
  • "As the merchant and I bargained about whether the kaffiyeh should be a dollar or two, I asked the older gentleman selling me the scarves why he would want to sell them at inflated prices to me."
  • "The hatemongering Malkin thinks that scarf looks like a kaffiyeh, which is worn in the Middle East."

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