Definition of "kaffer" [kaffer]

  • See Kafir. (unknown)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

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  • "The word kaffir, sometimes spelt kaffer or kafir, is an offensive term for a black person, most common in South Africa and other African countries."
  • "Whereas my mother told us allegorical fairy tales to teach us to hate laziness, many among the Afrikaners and other besides, said this is a matter of fact - die kaffer is lui!"
  • "Evidence was presented of numerous instances of the use of racially abusive language ( 'kaffer, bobbie (bobbejaan) etc') by Maj De Klerk, and of a conscious and with refusal to process applications for promotion by black Policemen, which might have resulted in the attainment of a level of seriously equal to or higher than that of white Officers at the Station."
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