Definition of "jacaranda" [jacaranda]

  • (noun) Any of several tropical American trees or shrubs of the genus Jacaranda, having pinnately compound, opposite leaves and panicles of pale purple flowers with funnel-shaped corollas.
  • (noun) The wood of this tree or a wood similar to it.

Use "jacaranda" in a sentence

  • "The French have given the name jacaranda to rose-wood, under the idea that the plant called jacaranda by the Brazilians yields it, which is not the case; "the same word has perhaps been the origin of palisander -- palixander, badly written.""
  • "There are trees and lots of bugambilla and jacaranda, and a modest weekly market tucked in there."
  • "Olive, Cyprus and eucalyptus trees give shape and shade; jasmine, rosemary and jacaranda perfume the entire estate."

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