Definition of "jaboticaba" [jaboticaba]

  • (noun) A Brazilian shrub (Myrciaria cauliflora) cultivated for its purplish-black fruits, which are borne directly on its trunk and larger branches.
  • (noun) an evergreen tropical tree, Myrciaria cauliflora, that is native to the West Indies and Brazil and which has white flowers and purple fruit
  • (noun) the purple grapelike fruit of this tree

Use "jaboticaba" in a sentence

  • "Our fruits are of exceptional quality, and we have so many kinds, including the exotic and largely untranslatable caju and jaboticaba, as well as mangos, grapes, peaches and the sweetest pineapple ever."
  • "She also grows jaboticaba, whose grape-like fruits make a lovely liqueur."
  • "“Have you ever seen a Russian guy taste a jaboticaba for the first time?” he asks, referring to a fruit that “looks like an alien embryo and tastes totally out of this world.”"

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