Definition of "ichthyol" [ich•thy•ol]

  • The ammonium salt of bitumen sulfonate; used to treat some forms of skin diseases (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "ichthyol" in a sentence
  • "P.G. UNNA, of Hamburg, has lately been experimenting on the dermato therapeutic uses of a substance called ichthyol, obtained by Herr"
  • "In 1919, the production of ichthyol for medical use, from the bituminous beds uncovered valuable fossils, and since 1924, especially under the direction of of Dr.B. Peyer from the University of Zurich, there have been more than 50 excavation campaigns at some 20 sites."
  • "Now, in treatment of mumps, you order an ichthyol salve poultice on the swollener part of the jaw, continusously."