Definition of "ic" [ic]

  • (noun) A Roman numeral representing ninety-nine (99).
  • (abbreviation) in this case.
  • (abbreviation-for) internal-combustion
  • (abbreviation-for) integrated circuit
  • (abbreviation-for) I see
  • (abbreviation-for) (in transformational grammar) immediate constituent
  • (abbreviation-for) Imum Coeli: the point on the ecliptic lying directly opposite the Midheaven

Use "ic" in a sentence

  • "And ic nelle þ̵ eni {} man enig {} þing þer {} on theo · butan hi ⁊ heara wicneras · þe hi hit bitechan · willað · ne frencisce ne englisce · for þan þi {n} gan þe ich habbe criste þas gerichtan forgifan minre Saule to ech {er} e alisendnesse ⁊ ic  {15} nelle geþauian þ̵ enig {} man þis abrece bi minan fullen frenscipan."
  • "Peter: "How would you explain the diphtong-less forms in Germanic?""
  • "Whitney Edward Reed was born in Glens Falls, N.Y. He received a bachelor's and a master's degree in Germanic languages from Boston University, in 1950 and 1952, respectively."

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