Definition of "ibex" [i•bex]

  • (noun) Any of several wild goats of the genus Capra, especially C. ibex, native to mountainous regions of Eurasia and northern Africa and having long, ridged, backward-curving horns.
  • (noun) any of three wild goats, Capra ibex, C. caucasica, or C. pyrenaica, of mountainous regions of Europe, Asia, and North Africa, having large backward-curving horns

Use "ibex" in a sentence

  • "Alps (_antelope rupicapra_); and in the same localities, but more rarely seen, the "bouquetin," or "tur" (_aigocerus pyrenaicus_) -- a species of ibex, _not_ identical with the _capra ibex_ of Linnaeus and the Alpine mountains."
  • "Except just after changing their coats, when they are of a greyish hue, the general colour of the ibex is a dirty yellowish brown."
  • "During last winter, the worst in Mongolia for decades, some 10 million head of livestock died, and the effect on the snow leopards' prey base chiefly a wild goat called ibex, and argali sheep"

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