Definition of "i's" [i's]

  • (noun) Plural form of i.
  • (adjective) of the immediate present; in progress
  • (adjective) most recent; up-to-date
  • (adjective) commonly known, practised, or accepted; widespread
  • (adjective) circulating and valid at present
  • (noun) (esp of water or air) a steady usually natural flow
  • (noun) a mass of air, body of water, etc, that has a steady flow in a particular direction
  • (noun) the rate of flow of such a mass
  • (noun) a flow of electric charge through a conductor
  • (noun) the rate of flow of this charge. It is measured in amperes
  • (noun) a general trend or drift

Use "i's" in a sentence

  • "The writer -- who calls himself "MIIKE" -- yes, two i's there before the k -- wrote quite eloquently, and took the position that this "robophobia" of mine doesn't make a lot of sense."
  • "But he needs to pull it off, dot his i's and cross his t's."
  • "Lots of times when you think you have all your t's crossed and i's dotted the notario will throw something else out at the last minute and they are generally a lot more picky when a poder is involved."

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