Definition of "i" [i]

  • (noun) The ninth letter of the modern English alphabet.
  • (noun) Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter i.
  • (noun) The ninth in a series.
  • (noun) Something shaped like the letter I.
  • (unknown) The symbol for imaginary unit.
  • (noun) the ninth letter and third vowel of the modern English alphabet
  • (noun) any of several speech sounds represented by this letter, in English as in bite or hit
  • (noun) something shaped like an I
  • (noun) (in combination)

Use "i" in a sentence

  • "- P h ï h îp c h o c ¸c doa nh ng h iÖp c ã nh iÒu c h i nh ¸nh - P h ï h îp c h o c ¸c doa nh ng h iÖp c ã nh ©n viª n di c h uyÓn lín D­íi ®©y b ¶ng g i¸ g ä i ®iÖn th o¹i ®i q uè c tÕ"
  • "The next Thing tou »re tt Dbfenre i% tkt fincc the Ray C G i$» by jtbu Meanj, j6*od« i* wiH he re* dered fo if refle&od ialp any other Pofidon • A* ftp - pofe G T parallel to O M, by awing the Ghf%PQ, j this new Clock, which I here obferve in fo elegant"
  • "Rzg - B. u a. CoafeqneDtlv, V B is = toVD. i£». i.&i."

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