Definition of "heterogenetic" []

  • Of, or relating to heterogenesis (adjective)
  • Of a disease produced by infection from outside the body (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "heterogenetic" in a sentence
  • "Professor Bastian, in considering the heterogenetic phenomena of "living matter," is obliged to fall back, near the end of his great work, on "the countless myriads of living units which have been evolved (?) in the different ages of the world's history.""
  • "This shows that its author believed in the possibility of the "superior organic forms," like the mastodon, megatherium, etc. from the "heterogenetic elements" -- those undergoing every conceivable change -- as well as the "inferior forms.""
  • "But how his "sum-total of external conditions," acting upon _dead_ matter, can "engender" _living_ matter, is one of those "related heterogenetic phenomena" which he does not condescend to explain."