Definition of "habiliment" [ha•bil•i•ment]

  • (noun) The special dress or garb associated with an occasion or office. Often used in the plural: "shrouded from head to foot in the habiliments of the grave” ( Edgar Allan Poe).
  • (noun) Clothes.
  • (noun) Characteristic furnishings or equipment; trappings: surrounded by the habiliments of the television news industry.
  • (noun) dress or attire

Use "habiliment" in a sentence

  • "She even wished to refuse him: – but Beech Park, the equipage, the servants, the bridal habiliment."
  • "In the United Kingdom, as in other modern liberal democracies, there are few, if any, estrictions upon one's choice of habiliment."
  • "Britannia, or her genius in the usual habiliment, a scroll — she appeared seated and behind her a figure of Hercules, emblematic of the great work so completely and speedily performed: above Fame appeared with a medallion of his Lordship and in the background a perspective view of"

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