Definition of "habergeon" [ha•ber•ge•on]

  • (noun) A short, sleeveless coat of mail.
  • (noun) A hauberk.
  • (noun) a light sleeveless coat of mail worn in the 14th century under the plated hauberk

Use "habergeon" in a sentence

  • "I would give the best habergeon I ever wrought, that the difficulty in truth rested with me, for there were then the better chance of its being removed."
  • "“Jilbáb” either habergeon (mail-coat) or the buff-jacket worn under it."
  • "As he was thus, behold, the merchant-woman with whom he had taken refuge came up to him and giving him a habergeon and a helmet, a spear, a sword and a gilded girdle, bade him don them and seat himself on the settle after which she left him, for fear of the troops."

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