Definition of "gable" [ga•ble]

  • (noun) The generally triangular section of wall at the end of a pitched roof, occupying the space between the two slopes of the roof.
  • (noun) The whole end wall of a building or wing having a pitched roof.
  • (noun) A triangular, usually ornamental architectural section, as one above an arched door or window.
  • (noun) the triangular upper part of a wall between the sloping ends of a pitched roof
  • (noun) a triangular ornamental feature in the form of a gable, esp as used over a door or window
  • (noun) the triangular wall on both ends of a gambrel roof

Use "gable" in a sentence

  • "One lord of Ulland had expressed his fancy on the eastern fa├žade in gable and sculptured gargoyle; another his fear or his defiance in the squat and sturdy tower with its cautious slits in lieu of windows."
  • "At Clackmannan the dial on the lower end of a gable is circular on a square basis, and surmounted by a cherub's head."
  • "Two all-weather-wicker chaises face each other under the main gable."

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