Definition of "gabby" [gabby]

  • (adjective) Slang Tending to talk excessively; garrulous.
  • (adjective) inclined to chatter; talkative

Use "gabby" in a sentence

  • "Often, it makes subjects "gabby" without revealing any important information."
  • "So Derek Jeter has apparently run afoul of another one of his gabby Yankee bosses, Hank Steinbrenner—not for an incendiary comment or an off-field indiscretion never that!"
  • "For instance, my high-school self — skinny, scabby, giggly, gabby, frantic to be noticed, tormented enough to be a tormentor, relentlessly pushing his cartoons and posters and noisy jokes and pseudo-sophisticated poems upon the helpless-high school — strikes me now as considerably obnoxious, though I owe him a lot: without his frantic ambition and insecurity I would not now be sitting on (as my present home was named by others) Haven Hill."

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