Definition of "gabble" [gab•ble]

  • (verb-intransitive) To speak rapidly or incoherently; jabber.
  • (verb-intransitive) To make rapid, low muttering or quacking sounds, as a goose or duck.
  • (verb-transitive) To utter rapidly or incoherently.
  • (noun) Rapid, incoherent, or meaningless speech.
  • (noun) The low muttering sound of a goose or duck.
  • (verb) to utter (words, etc) rapidly and indistinctly; jabber
  • (verb) (of geese and some other birds or animals) to utter rapid cackling noises
  • (noun) rapid and indistinct speech or noises

Use "gabble" in a sentence

  • "How that old lady did smile and (as she herself laughingly said) "gabble" her delight!"
  • ""When I 'read the minutes' I just reach back in my mind and recall what the gabble was the night before -- I've got an awfully good memory."
  • "'gabble'; he gets 'beyond drivelling' into something more like"

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