Definition of "fabulosity" [fab•u•los•i•ty]

  • (noun) The quality of being fabulous; fictitiousness; mythical character.
  • (noun) A fabulous thing; a fable.
  • (noun) the state or quality of being fabulous

Use "fabulosity" in a sentence

  • "Yes, this is an excerpt from Be Amazing, but one can learn the art of fabulosity from the mistakes of others, as well as from their triumphs."
  • "I'm in favor of you talking about your book, which I don't know about, rather than my fabulosity, which is of course well known to all."
  • "In our intimate interview with Kimora she explains what "fabulosity" is, how to attain and maintain it; being addicted to Twitter, being labeled a diva, teaching her youngest child, Kenzo, how to be a man, and life with her husband, Academy-Award nominated actor Djimon Hounsou."

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