Definition of "fabliau" [‖Fa•bli•au]

  • (noun) A medieval verse tale characterized by comic, ribald treatment of themes drawn from life.
  • (noun) a comic, usually ribald, verse tale, of a kind popular in France in the 12th and 13th centuries

Use "fabliau" in a sentence

  • "A fabliau is a brief tale, often little more than an anecdote, with a sharp sting at the end of it; frequently it was in rime; generally satiric in intent, it was full of frank gayety and of playful humor."
  • "[FN#488] The fabliau is a favourite in the East; this is the third time it has occurred with minor modifications."
  • "The second lady's trick in the fabliau is a very close parallel to the story in The Nights, vol.v. p. 96. ["