Definition of "daemonic" [daemonic]

  • (adjective) Variant of demonic.

Use "daemonic" in a sentence

  • "That which I called the daemonic I had encountered for the first time outside my own mind in Lermontof's hero."
  • "Still, the main thing for me was that in the first great and wholly modern poets that I made acquaintance with, Byron and his intellectual successors, Lermontof and Heine, I recognised again the very fundamental trait that I termed daemonic, the worship of one's own originality, under the guise of an uncompromising love of liberty."
  • "She recognised in these doctrines the recurrence of daemonic, that is, of heathen conceptions; and condemned us secular Gnostic Christianity, with its asceticism and its lofty proclamations of the nobility and value of the"

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