Definition of "dado" [da•do]

  • (noun) Architecture The section of a pedestal between base and surbase.
  • (noun) The lower portion of the wall of a room, decorated differently from the upper section, as with panels.
  • (noun) A rectangular groove cut into a board so that a like piece may be fitted into it.
  • (noun) The groove so cut.
  • (verb-transitive) To furnish with a dado.

Use "dado" in a sentence

  • "The ermine emblematically depicted in the dado is elsewhere suspended from the collar that Federico had received from the king of Naples; in each studiolo this collar dangles from a drawer or cabinet."
  • "This custom of decorating the walls of a building with triangles placed at intervals on the upper edge of a dado is a feature of cliff-house kivas, as shown in"
  • "The floor was of plain cut but elegant tiles, and the dado was a more intricate pattern of the same in shades of blue, green, and yellow, interspersed with black, but relieved by an abundance of greeny white."

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