Definition of "dace" [dace]

  • (noun) Any of various small freshwater fishes of the family Cyprinidae, which also includes carps and minnows.
  • (noun) a European freshwater cyprinid fish, Leuciscus leuciscus, with a slender bluish-green body
  • (noun) any of various similar fishes

Use "dace" in a sentence

  • "Besides cutthroat trout, the one other species of fish that is native to Yellowstone Lake and the Yellowstone River drainage above the two large falls in Yellowstone National Park is the longnose dace, which is rare."
  • "The dace is another fish which gives sport to the fly-fisherman."
  • "• I wasn't going to mussel in on the fish puns Letters, 19 January, but having salmoned up the courage I thought I'd throw the dace and see what happened."

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