Definition of "cerebrum" [cer•e•brum]

  • The large rounded structure of the brain occupying most of the cranial cavity, divided into two cerebral hemispheres that are joined at the bottom by the corpus callosum. It controls and integrates motor, sensory, and higher mental functions, such as thought, reason, emotion, and memory. (noun)

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Use "cerebrum" in a sentence
  • "The cerebrum is made up of two halves, the hemispheres, which are structurally identical."
  • "In describing the central nervous system in detail, then, let us begin with the cerebrum, which is almost divided, longitudinally, into right and left halves, each of which is called a cerebral hemisphere."
  • "The portion of the forebrain that lies behind the cerebrum is the thalamus (thaVuh-mus). """