Definition of "cabaret" [cab•a•ret]

  • (noun) A restaurant or nightclub providing short programs of live entertainment.
  • (noun) The floor show presented by such a restaurant or nightclub.
  • (noun) a floor show of dancing, singing, or other light entertainment at a nightclub or restaurant
  • (noun) a nightclub or restaurant providing such entertainment

Use "cabaret" in a sentence

  • "The Dutch are quite keen on what they call cabaret, and the artists known as cabaretiers."
  • "Even more than related musical forms, like jazz, the definition of "cabaret" is constantly changing and eternally subjective, and these two series are at the heart of that debate."
  • "The veteran headliner, who has sung in jazz clubs, theaters, concert halls and, most famously, in eight major Broadway shows, feels that cabaret is primarily a "place" and not necessarily a style."

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