Definition of "cabals" [cabals]

  • (noun) Plural form of cabal.
  • (verb) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cabal.
  • (noun) a small group of intriguers, esp one formed for political purposes
  • (noun) a secret plot, esp a political one; conspiracy; intrigue
  • (noun) a secret or exclusive set of people; clique
  • (verb) to form a cabal; conspire; plot

Use "cabals" in a sentence

  • "Pigou asked whether she had any factual proof about so-called cabals activities designed to discredit her, and what cause the internal liberation movement would have for doing so."
  • "When several admins quietly moved the search result from the direct to Barack version to the Obama disambig, name-calling started, with accusations of "cabals" and "collaborations.""
  • "Still, time was on the side of the Radicals, and from day to day they held what they called 'cabals' of the group formed by"

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