Definition of "cabalistic" [cab•a•lis•tic]

  • (adjective) Having a secret or hidden meaning; occult: cabalistic symbols engraved in stone.
  • (adjective) Variant of kabbalistic.

Use "cabalistic" in a sentence

  • "The word "Jafr" is supposed to mean a skin (camel's or dog's), prepared as parchment for writing; and Al-Jafr, the book here in question, is described as a cabalistic prognostication of all that will ever happen to the Moslems."
  • "M. de Bragadin said that it was Solomon's key, vulgarly called cabalistic science, and he asked me from whom I learnt it."
  • "Grace untied her nice clean coil of rope, while Madaline besought her in every kind of cabalistic sign she could summon to her aid, to desist in her reckless intention of tieing the man to the tree."

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